The Making of Humongous Street Art!

I see this kind of art diving up everywhere in various cities spread across different countries. These huge paintings covering one entire wall of a building. The one more beautiful than the other. Still I always wondered how they would be making such art, which is exactly what this video prevails.

Continue to make such art, it lightens up even the worse parts of a city and they continue to make my day each time I see one.


My Lensbaby SCOUT, baby!

I figured when trying out a new lens not much care should be put into it at all. I have had this lens for a while, but due to the winter the ‘try-outs’ had been put on hold. My interest focussed purely on the outcome of the pictures rather than technique, skill and precision of photography. The following images have been taken and edited in a matter of hours.

About the Lensbaby

If you have an SLR camera, do not have much money for different lenses and you long to try out new things, the Lensbaby branch is just for you! Not only that, but if you are bored of taking the ‘everyday kind of photo’, Lensbaby offers various lenses with which you can change the optics to create different creative effects to experiment with.

The award-winning Lensbaby Composer is an example of their creative lens. The design is based on a ball and socket configuration. This allows you to bend the lens, which adjusts the focus on different areas of your viewpoint. I myself have tested the Lensbaby SCOUT, a “versatile, fun and affordable option for Fisheye photography”. It is also compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System, but I only have the fish-eye option so far. The SCOUT is the first non-bendable lens that Lensbaby produces, which means you do not have to take time learning how to bend a lens. Though what is important to know is that it has manual aperture value (using discs that you can change inside the lens) and manual focus.

The lens is extremely light, compact and can even be used for macro photography. It is almost freaky how close you can get to an object, with the fish-eye optic, whilst capturing the entire surroundings as well. I could take pictures of the pores on your nose if I wanted to! I didn’t do just that, but I must have looked like a fool taking photos inches away from the wall at Haarlem Central Station. To be honest I don’t know why I never heard of these lenses before, because I want to get them all and all their optics!!

Enough talk, here are the pictures, enjoy!




The Fork


Bond’s Light


Enter Haarlem


Holding Lens and Pointing


Leaving Haarlem


Colourful Construction


Inside the Tunnel




Dual Colour at its BEST

The Sun: Reloaded

The winter can be attractive looking, but its coldness keeps its distance until it sees an opportunity to strike. For some time now the winter has attempted to drain the source of all energy. With the lack of vitamin D all guard is down. Psychological imprisonment is the enemies weapon of choice during the harsh winters of which emotional shutdown is the result. But we have survived. Slowly but surely the sun is loading its power to feed each and every one of us a positive life. The sun acts like the heart of the resistance, which unlocks our gates and allows us to climb out of our caves. The energy is spreading amongst all of us, it cannot be stopped and you play an important role in the transmission of energy that can set us free. .

Ladies and gentlemen, spring is near and so is the freedom of summer. Let me see a smile on your face and don’t forget to stop and enjoy the sun for a while today, and tomorrow and the day after that. Live long and enjoy life.

I am sorry for those living further up in the Northern hemisphere, but just so you know, the sun will come to you too!

Waiting Area Bus driver On the road Skipping in action

Animated Light Photography, WOW!!

It’s been far too long since something has been posted. It is wrong to see life itself generate an absence of creativity and freedom. Still sometimes priorities must be formulated with extraordinary measures. Just to signal that I am still alive and running I post this video of Freezelight.

I have taken a keen interest in light photography lately and a friend of mine mentioned that animated light photography would be a wicked trend to start. With some thorough searching it appeared there are few videos out there. We stumbled upon a Russian company that have truly taken Light Photography to a another level. Using tens of cameras and people to make their light animation they create the most interesting videos to look at. Not only that, but they show you what equipment they are using and how they use it to make what they make.

All their videos are worth watching and above all try it out for yourself! All you need is a dark place, a camera with long shutter speed and one or more lights. Have some fun guys, and check out the things that Freezelight make, because other than videos they create the most exuberant photos too!

Please do not hesitate to send me some links or things that you have created with light photography, because I am really interested in seeing what people created!

Me…and Christmas.

What is Christmas. Is it an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ? Or is it an easy in for corporations to make money of yearlong traditions? Or maybe it is that special time of the year where your patience on irritating shopping tunes and nagging kids is tested!

It is just odd how poor parents forcefully spend money on presents for their kids and say it came from Santa Claus, or the fact that Santa only provides gifts for the appropriate religions. It doesn’t make Mr. Claus look like a very good person.
Don’t forget all those Christmas lights, it’s a great time of the year to be firing up those electricity bills and killing the world softly. Sustainability is important, yet Christmas comes first!

All emotions aside, Christmas does bring out the artist in many people. Houses are lit up and even trees are twinkling. It sure is nice to have our streets decorated with lights when our days are shortest. Christmas would be useless in summer. On that note, does the Australian Santa wear shorts when he drops of his treats?

It is understandable for so many people to have different attitudes towards Christmas. To many it gives sense of calm, hope, prosperity and even a reason to celebrate something with the family. Though others can be reminded of their sorrow and loneliness.

It is easy to describe the things you see, but hard to understand them. Skipping Christmas to be far away from city lights has been an annual tradition for me, though the Santa hat has never been forgotten. This year a house up the hill from Valbonne provided beds for family and friends. Christmas might not be celebrated much, but still these days have always been celebrated with the presence of warmth and a good night sleep.

I might not be a fan of Christmas, but I certainly make use of the time. Some people might not like Christmas, and for those I wish they have better days to celebrate something. Have you ever felt how painful beauty can be?

Christmas is a reunion of the people, so next time, share your story with the person next to you. Who knows somebody doesn’t  need a friend, but just a story to listen to.

The following pictures, taken at the Valbonne Christmas market, are imagery of how I see Christmas.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Traveling the world!!

Traveling through my past
Sees travelling at last

It was gone for a while
I thought in denial

But I had no reason
For it were just lost for a season

Memories are treasures better to be shared
Though it always seemed dull and nobody cared

Following my own footsteps
Led me to a new adventure, perhaps

A lady friend with similar interests
Lends me her hand and shows me her best

Four countries in a year I paint red
I’ve been to many more, but not with her yet

So here goes our adventure
This is what we venture

All in good time
Once the entire world is red
And it is yours and mine
Maybe, only maybe.. then our home will be our bed.

(Help me plan my trip! What is a must see or do in this world? or better yet in your country?

Travelling the world!!