30 dolphins saved by tourists!

What a strange happening! 30 dolphins caught on camera swimming directly towards the Brazilian shoreline. Within moments flippers are flapping on dry land, leaving the sea creatures squeaking for their breath.

The visitors on the beach act quickly, pull the dolphins back into the water and drive them away. The confusion hits us all as to why these smart marine mammals would do such a suicidal act. An expert gave some vague answers like ‘offshore dolphins have trouble navigating in shallow water’, but isn’t it so that any sea creature would realize the sandbank is closing in on them? Just like creatures living on land would realize that they in fact are standing in water?

The expert mentioned that acting quickly in such a disastrous situation was good, however in the attempt on saving these dolphins the tourists could have broken the bones of their tails and flippers. Nonetheless I am relieved that these peaceful mammals swam back safely into the sea and I must thank their rescuers for that, I hope you still got a nice tan on that beach!

Check it out and see what you think might have happened:


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