Ice Fishing Adventure!!

Finland, lurking to catch a creature living under the ice so that yet another adventure can be ticked off the list. It should truly be a dream come true, yet a dream is merely  an idea, and when an idea is planted it feeds on time. It grows until there is no more stopping to it.

Extremely low temperatures might not be seen as a threat, but neither did the ice-cold wind and snowstorm flying over the lake.

Instructions are given faster than ever before, in which we undoubtedly start to question our sanity. Still the look of ice fishing seems so simple:
–       Drill a whole
–       Scoop out of the hole some left over ice
–       Sing the tiny rod into the hole and wait!

As simple as the last instruction were it will never beat running back inside to finish the adventure next to the fire with a hot tea! Of course a blog being for entertainment I decided to allow BBC take it over from here. Here is some footage of professionals ice fishing in Greenland!!


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