Stairway to the Future

Stairway to the Future

The cause is lost
Only time matters
But on the way to the top
It shatters

Self-esteem drops
The road is slippery
The darkness above
Caving in on me

Sanity turns delirious
The stomach, sick and empty
The top looks mysterious
The walls sketchy

But there’s protection
Following the railing
As a guidance to the right direction
Whilst the mind is ailing

A voice kind
Telling me to move forward
Leave the unlocked doors behind
Life is no shoreward

The world feels tilted
But the strength within is rising
The voice lilted
Talking sense to keep fighting

I’m on my way up.
There is more up there than I can imagine
I wish you good luck
See you in another life!


There only so much you can see in a picture, but what is the story behind it?


2 thoughts on “Stairway to the Future

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