Arrow of Time

This morning is no more than ordinary. Taking the usual steps to get through another day. Scared of becoming to understand the bus driver’s schedules, I interrupt my thinking patterns with thoughts from the past, dreams of my future, and plans on how to get there. Even though my ideas are so bright, my arrow of time seems to stretch further. Jumping over the wall in front of me, only to find another on the other side. We perceive the world as naïve realism, does that mean that I create my own fences? In that case where is the line drawn, if there is a line at all? Perception is formed through thought patterns, thus to draw the map of my future, past and present, I must disrupt these arrangements and change my way of thinking. It cannot be completely out of this world to say I can live three different lives if I perceive it as such. The past is lived and done with. So if I say goodbye in the present I mean see you in a different life!

It would save me from these tangled thoughts of time, what would it be like to live a goalless life, accepting patience and waiting in line? I could finally read myself as a book, perceive my morning rituals as a hook, to continue enjoying this story of mine.


2 thoughts on “Arrow of Time

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