Undergoing construction

This blog is undergoing some changes. ‘Grey is Colour’ was born with the urge to drop life onto a digital interface, creating a cluster of words, images and videos. Though a semester has past and Grey’s colours have been reorganized, and it delivered an understanding of its own thoughts. “I am now a life of my own”, it screams.

Have you ever felt like dreams are so close that they can be touched? It is impossible to draw an image of something you cannot see, but at least its frame can be described.

This video is another one of my intermissions. New blogs in existing categories will be improved like birds finally understanding the use of their wings. New categories are revealed, like ancient artifacts, that have only recently been found. Still the old material will not go out of style, as without their teachings the significance of new would be non-existent.

The following video should be seen as a form of inspiration to those just tanning at the beach. Get off your towels and be creative!


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