Traveling the world!!

Traveling through my past
Sees travelling at last

It was gone for a while
I thought in denial

But I had no reason
For it were just lost for a season

Memories are treasures better to be shared
Though it always seemed dull and nobody cared

Following my own footsteps
Led me to a new adventure, perhaps

A lady friend with similar interests
Lends me her hand and shows me her best

Four countries in a year I paint red
I’ve been to many more, but not with her yet

So here goes our adventure
This is what we venture

All in good time
Once the entire world is red
And it is yours and mine
Maybe, only maybe.. then our home will be our bed.

(Help me plan my trip! What is a must see or do in this world? or better yet in your country?

Travelling the world!!


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