Me…and Christmas.

What is Christmas. Is it an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ? Or is it an easy in for corporations to make money of yearlong traditions? Or maybe it is that special time of the year where your patience on irritating shopping tunes and nagging kids is tested!

It is just odd how poor parents forcefully spend money on presents for their kids and say it came from Santa Claus, or the fact that Santa only provides gifts for the appropriate religions. It doesn’t make Mr. Claus look like a very good person.
Don’t forget all those Christmas lights, it’s a great time of the year to be firing up those electricity bills and killing the world softly. Sustainability is important, yet Christmas comes first!

All emotions aside, Christmas does bring out the artist in many people. Houses are lit up and even trees are twinkling. It sure is nice to have our streets decorated with lights when our days are shortest. Christmas would be useless in summer. On that note, does the Australian Santa wear shorts when he drops of his treats?

It is understandable for so many people to have different attitudes towards Christmas. To many it gives sense of calm, hope, prosperity and even a reason to celebrate something with the family. Though others can be reminded of their sorrow and loneliness.

It is easy to describe the things you see, but hard to understand them. Skipping Christmas to be far away from city lights has been an annual tradition for me, though the Santa hat has never been forgotten. This year a house up the hill from Valbonne provided beds for family and friends. Christmas might not be celebrated much, but still these days have always been celebrated with the presence of warmth and a good night sleep.

I might not be a fan of Christmas, but I certainly make use of the time. Some people might not like Christmas, and for those I wish they have better days to celebrate something. Have you ever felt how painful beauty can be?

Christmas is a reunion of the people, so next time, share your story with the person next to you. Who knows somebody doesn’t  need a friend, but just a story to listen to.

The following pictures, taken at the Valbonne Christmas market, are imagery of how I see Christmas.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



2 thoughts on “Me…and Christmas.

  1. Nice one. I did’nt thought of some of your views on xmas but I agree with some of them. Plus nice to hear about your xmas tradition

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