The Sun: Reloaded

The winter can be attractive looking, but its coldness keeps its distance until it sees an opportunity to strike. For some time now the winter has attempted to drain the source of all energy. With the lack of vitamin D all guard is down. Psychological imprisonment is the enemies weapon of choice during the harsh winters of which emotional shutdown is the result. But we have survived. Slowly but surely the sun is loading its power to feed each and every one of us a positive life. The sun acts like the heart of the resistance, which unlocks our gates and allows us to climb out of our caves. The energy is spreading amongst all of us, it cannot be stopped and you play an important role in the transmission of energy that can set us free. .

Ladies and gentlemen, spring is near and so is the freedom of summer. Let me see a smile on your face and don’t forget to stop and enjoy the sun for a while today, and tomorrow and the day after that. Live long and enjoy life.

I am sorry for those living further up in the Northern hemisphere, but just so you know, the sun will come to you too!

Waiting Area Bus driver On the road Skipping in action


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