My Lensbaby SCOUT, baby!

I figured when trying out a new lens not much care should be put into it at all. I have had this lens for a while, but due to the winter the ‘try-outs’ had been put on hold. My interest focussed purely on the outcome of the pictures rather than technique, skill and precision of photography. The following images have been taken and edited in a matter of hours.

About the Lensbaby

If you have an SLR camera, do not have much money for different lenses and you long to try out new things, the Lensbaby branch is just for you! Not only that, but if you are bored of taking the ‘everyday kind of photo’, Lensbaby offers various lenses with which you can change the optics to create different creative effects to experiment with.

The award-winning Lensbaby Composer is an example of their creative lens. The design is based on a ball and socket configuration. This allows you to bend the lens, which adjusts the focus on different areas of your viewpoint. I myself have tested the Lensbaby SCOUT, a “versatile, fun and affordable option for Fisheye photography”. It is also compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System, but I only have the fish-eye option so far. The SCOUT is the first non-bendable lens that Lensbaby produces, which means you do not have to take time learning how to bend a lens. Though what is important to know is that it has manual aperture value (using discs that you can change inside the lens) and manual focus.

The lens is extremely light, compact and can even be used for macro photography. It is almost freaky how close you can get to an object, with the fish-eye optic, whilst capturing the entire surroundings as well. I could take pictures of the pores on your nose if I wanted to! I didn’t do just that, but I must have looked like a fool taking photos inches away from the wall at Haarlem Central Station. To be honest I don’t know why I never heard of these lenses before, because I want to get them all and all their optics!!

Enough talk, here are the pictures, enjoy!




The Fork


Bond’s Light


Enter Haarlem


Holding Lens and Pointing


Leaving Haarlem


Colourful Construction


Inside the Tunnel




Dual Colour at its BEST


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