The Making of Humongous Street Art!

I see this kind of art diving up everywhere in various cities spread across different countries. These huge paintings covering one entire wall of a building. The one more beautiful than the other. Still I always wondered how they would be making such art, which is exactly what this video prevails.

Continue to make such art, it lightens up even the worse parts of a city and they continue to make my day each time I see one.


Animated Light Photography, WOW!!

It’s been far too long since something has been posted. It is wrong to see life itself generate an absence of creativity and freedom. Still sometimes priorities must be formulated with extraordinary measures. Just to signal that I am still alive and running I post this video of Freezelight.

I have taken a keen interest in light photography lately and a friend of mine mentioned that animated light photography would be a wicked trend to start. With some thorough searching it appeared there are few videos out there. We stumbled upon a Russian company that have truly taken Light Photography to a another level. Using tens of cameras and people to make their light animation they create the most interesting videos to look at. Not only that, but they show you what equipment they are using and how they use it to make what they make.

All their videos are worth watching and above all try it out for yourself! All you need is a dark place, a camera with long shutter speed and one or more lights. Have some fun guys, and check out the things that Freezelight make, because other than videos they create the most exuberant photos too!

Please do not hesitate to send me some links or things that you have created with light photography, because I am really interested in seeing what people created!

Summer in Fall

The Netherlands, this is that one day of the year that we should all enjoy.

Autumn is well on its way and the cold kicks the tendency to stay seated behind glass forward. The adjustment to the new season forms a tiny depression for which summer will be missed. Though the dryness of fall extends her true colours. Her divine appearance waves a beautiful death for winter is watching from afar.

Brown, red and yellow are the new grey. Trees are bolding and its leaves rain down like tears, or hairs unable to hold on to its scalp. Still there is that one day where summer offers her last farewell. Temperatures are rocket high, and life once again highlights smiles on people’s faces. Even those strolling to work against their will, enjoy the last day of summer. Soon it will rain and cities will turn into swamps. Then, we must be patient and wait for the temperatures to plummet far enough for our world to be covered in white mystery.