Undergoing construction

This blog is undergoing some changes. ‘Grey is Colour’ was born with the urge to drop life onto a digital interface, creating a cluster of words, images and videos. Though a semester has past and Grey’s colours have been reorganized, and it delivered an understanding of its own thoughts. “I am now a life of my own”, it screams.

Have you ever felt like dreams are so close that they can be touched? It is impossible to draw an image of something you cannot see, but at least its frame can be described.

This video is another one of my intermissions. New blogs in existing categories will be improved like birds finally understanding the use of their wings. New categories are revealed, like ancient artifacts, that have only recently been found. Still the old material will not go out of style, as without their teachings the significance of new would be non-existent.

The following video should be seen as a form of inspiration to those just tanning at the beach. Get off your towels and be creative!


Please, allow me to be advertised

Just when we thought we had seen it all.
The world of advertisement has bent its way around anything to make you notice a product. From holograms on buildings, to video scavenger hunts on the Internet!
The limit has been long reached, and so if the world of advertisement was an enormous aquarium, it would be overflowing!

Not to worry ladies and gents, because TNT has just invented a floating device that is unsinkable! Taking advertisement back to its roots, dramatic theater! And where else can that be done than “somewhere in a little town in Belgium

Please, sit back, and allow me to introduce to you “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square”. A must see, must be advertised by it, piece of art!


A period between acts of a theatre performance. If life truly were theatre, the state of being intermitted would be paradoxical to that of a theatre. One may concern them with the significance of an intermission as it disrupts the daily patterns merely to entertain, or it or merely to put a halt on entertainment

Each subject, matter, job or performance will find their own excuse to interrupt the flow of pattern, if it is for a pee break or for the lust of a cigarette. Would it be possible to live without these moments? This blog certainly can’t resist! So enjoy this interval between Lapland stories and amateur photography, and enjoy the work of Kanga Valls. A Spanish choreographer dancing and playing with imagery.

Even though the spoken language is Spanish and the white subtitles are merging with the white background there is no need to panic. It is all about the dance, and that my friend…is amazing!

30 dolphins saved by tourists!

What a strange happening! 30 dolphins caught on camera swimming directly towards the Brazilian shoreline. Within moments flippers are flapping on dry land, leaving the sea creatures squeaking for their breath.

The visitors on the beach act quickly, pull the dolphins back into the water and drive them away. The confusion hits us all as to why these smart marine mammals would do such a suicidal act. An expert gave some vague answers like ‘offshore dolphins have trouble navigating in shallow water’, but isn’t it so that any sea creature would realize the sandbank is closing in on them? Just like creatures living on land would realize that they in fact are standing in water?

The expert mentioned that acting quickly in such a disastrous situation was good, however in the attempt on saving these dolphins the tourists could have broken the bones of their tails and flippers. Nonetheless I am relieved that these peaceful mammals swam back safely into the sea and I must thank their rescuers for that, I hope you still got a nice tan on that beach!

Check it out and see what you think might have happened:

A fine explorer…Yes, every one can do it!!

This video is an inspiration to many. It is often the fear or the laziness that stop things from happening. Time and money becomes a lousy excuse, and what started as an excuse ends as a way of life.

There is only one way to break these pro-created patterns and to release yourself from your inner chains, and that is by doing. Just…doing… No man or woman does something you cannot. It is only the fear from the abnormal that makes you think otherwise.

Have you tried to do something when part of you said no? You should try it, because it might make you enjoy some things you would have never seen otherwise.

Check out the guy in the video, I am sure he had no idea where he was going. He just had an idea of what he was doing, and that was to show you his travel into the unknown. I must say other than the unique characters he met, he has also seen some crazy stuff!!

Check it out!!