The world is big

The world is always bigger than it seems,
Even when all is conquered, not all world’s in the same world are seen.
Blindly we follow the path that is yet to unfold,
Afraid of what is ahead, still we don’t want it to be told.

So we continue to ignore the signs,
Things that can benefit us we leave behind.
Lets dare to live our dreams,
Just like any other day, they are not what it seems.

The world is big


What do You desire?

My weights have been lifted,
The sun shines its joy through the rain
The rampage has shifted
The grim, gruesomeness of negativity wont be back again

Tired of emotions
99% done
I am not on a mission
This is not a battle that is lost or won

Still the sense of achievement will come
When the checklist is completed
Burnt, beaten to blackout and numbed
Destroyed and defeated

When I get there, my desire
Once my horizon shifts my days into nights
Cut through the rubber to find the copper wire
Fix it to shine Your light

I will…

The sunny direction

Alive to follow a waiting list
Thoughts shuffled in motion
Into a cocktail of emotion
Change acts like poisoned kiss

Reality is what you make of it
Problems are self-inflicted
Only freedom wishes to be evicted
But he cannot be missed

So take a leap of faith
Drop all chains and values
Reverse needs back to wants
And run for the gate

I need nothing
Only a companion for loving
No time, no money, just something
I’ve been gone too long, that’s one thing.


From the Inside

Tangled inside a rapidly growing mechanism

Three days have passed like weeks

But have gone like the swift of a broom

People come and go

Yet the core remains solid

Its Monday morning and the third weekend has bygone

Life is scarce and scattered across Magneet grounds.

The last campfire provides a home in the heat of the rising sun

Sleepless days feed a new kind of energy

A closeness to many

Sadly we are all just lonely passengers

Building an ideal home for a while

A life outside the real world

An escape from money and merchandise

A search for reality as it could be

If somebody could explain the feeling

He or she is a pure poet

For now it rests as un-described

It is a mere feeling that must be witnessed.

Not for a day, but for every day

Each second the eyes rest is a memory missed

Hard work pays for the better life

Yet there is no business here,

Only a decent living


(More photos and stories coming soon)


I am but a solid frame
An installation of class
Designed to hold a meaningful memory
The circumference of joy and laughter
The foundation of family or vanity
A reminder of someone’s sanity 

The mind is actuality
But life itself so surreal
Overcome by weights and gravity
In this perpetrated existence
I am a rigid structure
But my purpose, not rapture. 

I hold what you capture
What underpins your mind?



Stairway to the Future

Stairway to the Future

The cause is lost
Only time matters
But on the way to the top
It shatters

Self-esteem drops
The road is slippery
The darkness above
Caving in on me

Sanity turns delirious
The stomach, sick and empty
The top looks mysterious
The walls sketchy

But there’s protection
Following the railing
As a guidance to the right direction
Whilst the mind is ailing

A voice kind
Telling me to move forward
Leave the unlocked doors behind
Life is no shoreward

The world feels tilted
But the strength within is rising
The voice lilted
Talking sense to keep fighting

I’m on my way up.
There is more up there than I can imagine
I wish you good luck
See you in another life!


There only so much you can see in a picture, but what is the story behind it?

Hello world!

There is always time to colour the world.
A new adventure wiggles its way through the smallest cracks
To the open it is hurled
For freedom we fight back

There is no time for negativity
Only time for trust
For beauty and sensitivity
From dust we adjust

Sincerely Yours,