From the Inside

Tangled inside a rapidly growing mechanism

Three days have passed like weeks

But have gone like the swift of a broom

People come and go

Yet the core remains solid

Its Monday morning and the third weekend has bygone

Life is scarce and scattered across Magneet grounds.

The last campfire provides a home in the heat of the rising sun

Sleepless days feed a new kind of energy

A closeness to many

Sadly we are all just lonely passengers

Building an ideal home for a while

A life outside the real world

An escape from money and merchandise

A search for reality as it could be

If somebody could explain the feeling

He or she is a pure poet

For now it rests as un-described

It is a mere feeling that must be witnessed.

Not for a day, but for every day

Each second the eyes rest is a memory missed

Hard work pays for the better life

Yet there is no business here,

Only a decent living


(More photos and stories coming soon)


The Experience

ImageRuigoord, the cultural harbour of Amsterdam. Truly a magical place where individuals are overwhelmed by the urge to be creative. The purity of the mind becomes irresistible, and so once you set foot on this land of art, it seems as if the world around you disappears.  The Ruigoord Church (used for the widest possible range of musical events) is a landmark of this off the grid village (Ruigoord), where we can forget our normal lives and live life as an entirely different persona.

On the 23rd of June, 2012 the race for survival had been put on hold. As a thunderstorm cancels a football match, All Is One brings out the holistic in every one of us. Age and race thaws into the most incredibly flavoured Sunday. The wind whirls recklessly past the church, but the sun’s heat and the spirit of the justly built community, harmonizes everyone’s intellect.


All sorts of colourful people lend a hand in building what later can only be described as an ideal world. Painters, musicians, woodcutters, storytellers, debaters, cameramen, psychologists, and many more share their knowledge and involve others. If you would be interested in Yoga in exchange for a massage, or a guide through this well protected paradise, it can be arranged.  The day is filled with all sorts of activities in which your soul can absorb wholesomeness.


By the time the sun had set, the event changed from a do-it-yourself art room, to a mystical party arena. The cold starts to settle, but still more people are entering Ruigoord. Campfires are lit and inside the church deejays like DJ Isis control the crowd. Still, Barretijden (DJ crew outside) continues to entertain, and even when the rain comes plundering down, a last-minute party tent is set up for those loving the open-air. “Don’t forget to go home”, one of the few uncorrupted slogans out there that revealed the true reality of this event.

Did you miss All Is One Experience? Not to worry, because there are many more to come, and ideally, in decades going to such an event won’t be necessary, because the world will have become one.Image