How far can you go?

The following picture is a one of a kind. How often do you see tombstones being sold next to the apples and melons?

The moment a camera was placed in my hands for a viewfinder to capture beautiful images, destiny made its path for me. My obsession with cameras was not clear until I placed the facts on a sheet of paper. Purchasing 7 video/photo cameras in a year (broken or not) seemed somewhat irrational. Experimenting with different lenses, brands and anything unusual leaked into a much bigger pool than just a hobby.

On an underground Russian market, bordering the Tallinn (Estonian capital) railway station, an interesting looking camera attracted my eyes. The camera looked antique, but still in excellent condition. After buying the camera, wrapped in an interesting looking case, a short research was necessary. Turns out this is a Lomo, of which it is one first of the Smena models (1953) from the USSR. The camera was designed to produce 8mm film, but the 35mm fits inside as well. Only in order to use modern film, an empty film role case must be placed up-side-down inside the camera, for the film to flow from the original case into this empty role. After capturing all the images, the film must manually be rolled back into its original case. Of course without any light being able to damage the film. After some experimentation the film was developed and the outcome is extraordinary!

The images shown below are taken of the Smena in a photo studio. The photos that this 60 year old model took will be presented very soon!

This is something exquisite rapped into something beautiful. The case fits perfectly around the camera

The camera with the case open. With the screw underneath the two are stuck together. It is easy to take a photo with the case open, which is what modern cameras miss nowadays.

Here she is without her dress


Stairway to the Future

Stairway to the Future

The cause is lost
Only time matters
But on the way to the top
It shatters

Self-esteem drops
The road is slippery
The darkness above
Caving in on me

Sanity turns delirious
The stomach, sick and empty
The top looks mysterious
The walls sketchy

But there’s protection
Following the railing
As a guidance to the right direction
Whilst the mind is ailing

A voice kind
Telling me to move forward
Leave the unlocked doors behind
Life is no shoreward

The world feels tilted
But the strength within is rising
The voice lilted
Talking sense to keep fighting

I’m on my way up.
There is more up there than I can imagine
I wish you good luck
See you in another life!


There only so much you can see in a picture, but what is the story behind it?

A fine explorer…Yes, every one can do it!!

This video is an inspiration to many. It is often the fear or the laziness that stop things from happening. Time and money becomes a lousy excuse, and what started as an excuse ends as a way of life.

There is only one way to break these pro-created patterns and to release yourself from your inner chains, and that is by doing. Just…doing… No man or woman does something you cannot. It is only the fear from the abnormal that makes you think otherwise.

Have you tried to do something when part of you said no? You should try it, because it might make you enjoy some things you would have never seen otherwise.

Check out the guy in the video, I am sure he had no idea where he was going. He just had an idea of what he was doing, and that was to show you his travel into the unknown. I must say other than the unique characters he met, he has also seen some crazy stuff!!

Check it out!!