The Sun: Reloaded

The winter can be attractive looking, but its coldness keeps its distance until it sees an opportunity to strike. For some time now the winter has attempted to drain the source of all energy. With the lack of vitamin D all guard is down. Psychological imprisonment is the enemies weapon of choice during the harsh winters of which emotional shutdown is the result. But we have survived. Slowly but surely the sun is loading its power to feed each and every one of us a positive life. The sun acts like the heart of the resistance, which unlocks our gates and allows us to climb out of our caves. The energy is spreading amongst all of us, it cannot be stopped and you play an important role in the transmission of energy that can set us free. .

Ladies and gentlemen, spring is near and so is the freedom of summer. Let me see a smile on your face and don’t forget to stop and enjoy the sun for a while today, and tomorrow and the day after that. Live long and enjoy life.

I am sorry for those living further up in the Northern hemisphere, but just so you know, the sun will come to you too!

Waiting Area Bus driver On the road Skipping in action


Traveling the world!!

Traveling through my past
Sees travelling at last

It was gone for a while
I thought in denial

But I had no reason
For it were just lost for a season

Memories are treasures better to be shared
Though it always seemed dull and nobody cared

Following my own footsteps
Led me to a new adventure, perhaps

A lady friend with similar interests
Lends me her hand and shows me her best

Four countries in a year I paint red
I’ve been to many more, but not with her yet

So here goes our adventure
This is what we venture

All in good time
Once the entire world is red
And it is yours and mine
Maybe, only maybe.. then our home will be our bed.

(Help me plan my trip! What is a must see or do in this world? or better yet in your country?

Travelling the world!!

Arrow of Time

This morning is no more than ordinary. Taking the usual steps to get through another day. Scared of becoming to understand the bus driver’s schedules, I interrupt my thinking patterns with thoughts from the past, dreams of my future, and plans on how to get there. Even though my ideas are so bright, my arrow of time seems to stretch further. Jumping over the wall in front of me, only to find another on the other side. We perceive the world as naïve realism, does that mean that I create my own fences? In that case where is the line drawn, if there is a line at all? Perception is formed through thought patterns, thus to draw the map of my future, past and present, I must disrupt these arrangements and change my way of thinking. It cannot be completely out of this world to say I can live three different lives if I perceive it as such. The past is lived and done with. So if I say goodbye in the present I mean see you in a different life!

It would save me from these tangled thoughts of time, what would it be like to live a goalless life, accepting patience and waiting in line? I could finally read myself as a book, perceive my morning rituals as a hook, to continue enjoying this story of mine.

The sunny direction

Alive to follow a waiting list
Thoughts shuffled in motion
Into a cocktail of emotion
Change acts like poisoned kiss

Reality is what you make of it
Problems are self-inflicted
Only freedom wishes to be evicted
But he cannot be missed

So take a leap of faith
Drop all chains and values
Reverse needs back to wants
And run for the gate

I need nothing
Only a companion for loving
No time, no money, just something
I’ve been gone too long, that’s one thing.


From the Inside

Tangled inside a rapidly growing mechanism

Three days have passed like weeks

But have gone like the swift of a broom

People come and go

Yet the core remains solid

Its Monday morning and the third weekend has bygone

Life is scarce and scattered across Magneet grounds.

The last campfire provides a home in the heat of the rising sun

Sleepless days feed a new kind of energy

A closeness to many

Sadly we are all just lonely passengers

Building an ideal home for a while

A life outside the real world

An escape from money and merchandise

A search for reality as it could be

If somebody could explain the feeling

He or she is a pure poet

For now it rests as un-described

It is a mere feeling that must be witnessed.

Not for a day, but for every day

Each second the eyes rest is a memory missed

Hard work pays for the better life

Yet there is no business here,

Only a decent living


(More photos and stories coming soon)

Driving, gliding, riding

Finland, tImagehe arrangements were made. The morning sun is shining bright, but still the temperature is way below zero. This holiday is definitely not made for resting, but peaceful it sure is. The owner is already waiting to give instructions on how to work a snowmobile when we care to ask if a driver’s license is needed to come on the tour.  After a small hesitation the answer is among the lines of “Just be careful on the road”. I guess this is one of the advantages of planning a holiday far from tourist, or even human civilization. Laws are made to be forgotten, if they even exist in a village of three families!

Instructions are less than those of the dog sleds. In fact the only important one is to lean when turning. Funny enough the first turn is taken slightly wide resulting to a snow, powder, mountain collision. Luckily there are no trees involved, but unfortunately it is not the first amateur incident as the snow mobile refused to start in the first place! Scary? Maybe…Intense? Only slightly, but there is no turning back now! Ironic, because I am not sure I even know how to do that on a snow mobile.


We are riding towards the middle of nowhere as fast as I just went off topic. More layers of snow are visible on the trees when we drive further up a mountain. Crossing frozen lakes and racing through the wilderness with up to 30 kilometres an hour is exhilarating. Sometimes it is noticeable that the guide (whom is on a snowmobile in front of us) is pointing at a wild animal, but there is no time to look. “Must focus on where I am going,” It is only the trees I am worried about, seeing that this part of the forest is as remote as it can get. Luckily the bright sun is providing only happy thoughts and even the adrenaline and heat coming from the wheel of the snowmobile is making the ride very enjoyable.


Finally, after a two-hour drive the top of the mountain is reached. The perfect time for a traditional Finnish hot, red, sweet beverage. There is one small hut built on the peak that carries along a large history. Previously it was used to spot Russian troops, but after the war the place was ideal to locate forest fires. People would survive in this tiny hut for months, with nothing to do but to keep the fire going. Still the hut is open for the public. Some locals make use of the place when they track through the wilderness. The altitude is so high that the trees look like snow statues cut by professionals. Nonetheless it is just because the snow hardly melts and so it is just stacking on top of each other.

So this is what the top of the world feels like. This is what peace feels like. If only it wasn’t so hard to reach the world would be in great shape.