Adventures in the far north

Finland, the chance is now. Visiting the Northern side of the world opened up so many opportunities to eliminate several bullet points on the long bucket list. The ones are as followed:

–       Seeing Northern Lights
–       Dog Sledging
–       Snowmobile Riding
–       Ice Fishing
–       Swimming in Frozen Lake

Having only five days in Lapland makes time limited and all luck must be on your side with the weather. Equipped with three layers of pants, jackets, socks and scarves. The adventure can begin. Over the next weeks some pictures and stories will be available of my adventures of the fart North.

Lapland Sunrise, side view from the cabin:


The Beauty of Dawn

An obsession vs. the race against time, allied with the still under freezing temperatures & the struggle through meters of snow.

A HDR of dawn when the moon was at its `waxing gibbous´ phase in Jyväskylä (Finland). 

A HDR of the full moon in Jyväskylä (Finland)