Summer in Fall

The Netherlands, this is that one day of the year that we should all enjoy.

Autumn is well on its way and the cold kicks the tendency to stay seated behind glass forward. The adjustment to the new season forms a tiny depression for which summer will be missed. Though the dryness of fall extends her true colours. Her divine appearance waves a beautiful death for winter is watching from afar.

Brown, red and yellow are the new grey. Trees are bolding and its leaves rain down like tears, or hairs unable to hold on to its scalp. Still there is that one day where summer offers her last farewell. Temperatures are rocket high, and life once again highlights smiles on people’s faces. Even those strolling to work against their will, enjoy the last day of summer. Soon it will rain and cities will turn into swamps. Then, we must be patient and wait for the temperatures to plummet far enough for our world to be covered in white mystery.


Beyond your Back garden

Finland, a mystery so close, but often never unfolded. What lies behind the fence that distinguishes the perimeter of your home? The most interesting scenery can be found right in front of your doorstep, but it is too close for it to look remotely interesting. Who is to say one must travel to see more? The following images have been taken in the forest that borders the flat known as my ‘garden of safety’. All photos remain untouched to intensify the reality of the beauty of nature. My solitude of boredom lead to an epic adventure that changed my perspective on the neighbourhood I live in. The long Finnish winters prevent the trees to expand in width and for vegetation to grow tight together. This created the opportunity to abandon the trails and get lost in mosquito land.

Tracking down the Thresher Shark

Philippines, it is still dark when the boat is pushed off shore. After 30 minutes of sailing from the coast of Malapascua (a tiny island in the Philippines) the vessel arrives at the destination. The landscape has changed from a bright sky with an unforeseen amount of stars to a sunrise with a blanket of dark clouds. The calm sea has become restless and grim, but it has not stopped us before. No trace of land is seen on the horizon, but the trust of the divers is on the captain. Let’s gear up!

The Shark
The shark is known for its long tail, often being as long as the total upper body. The fin is used to attract and kill prey. It is a solitary creature, and found only in the warm oceanic currents, however can swim down to 350 meters and so is not a common shark.

The Dive
After descending to a maximum debt of 25 meters a platform appears, a   well-known cleaning place for the shark. The first glimpse of the sunrise is the only time that the sharks are visible, before they return into the deepest parts of the sea. The visibility is very poor and the current is strong. After a good half an hour it seems the energy being used under water is slowly becoming pointless and the early wake up a waste. Other than a sandstorm rushing over the seabed, and a single shrimp lost on the plane rocks, there is nothing to see.

Hanging low over the bottom the group sits down to stare into nothing when at once a monster appears. A machine thicker than a boxing bag and about two meters in length, circles right in front of our eyes. His glorious tale smoothly, slicing the through the current, as if it were a sword ready to be thrown into battle. The growling sounds he makes almost sounds frightening when you think of the speed this shark can attack you with, what little vision we have in the water and what camouflage a shark has in the water. By being able to see the shark up close, it was obvious by the shape and eyes of the shark that it was used to maximum debts of water. Hence why we could only see it in the early morning.

Unfortunately his curiousity had vanished and he disappeared. Our air had run low and it was time to re-surface.

What an adventure!

(The following video shows footage of the Thresher Shark from approximately 5 meters away, just before it disappeared.)

Thresher shark movement footage

Northern Lights – Into the Deepest Debts of Romance

Finland, the journey has begun. 60 kilometres from somewhat urban civilization lays a small group of cottages alongside a frozen lake and surrounded by forest. The reflection of the moon onto the snow creates just enough light to find the way through the wilderness. Complete solitude, as if life on earth has become non-existent and even Facebook updates and status’ have become irrelevant.

The cabin itself tastes of wood and the feel of affection heightens the coziness. The fireplace is up and running, and fills the room with warm-hearted aromas. No more than two hours later the thought of checking outside for the famous northern lights has passed, but luckily the owner of the cabin was kind enough to make his way over to pass on the good news. “Northern Lights in the sky!” He is dressed in nothing more than a jumper and jeans, but for some reason three layers of socks, pants and jackets can only keep us warm.

The rush to get outside felt as if somebody had just yelled, “fire!”, yet running across the frozen lake whilst a display of green lights are rushing over and beside you is even more thrilling. This is nature’s masterpiece. It is as if a curtain of lights is being woven in the sky by a mysterious and invisible force. Of all the things that earth has to offer, it is energetic charged particles colliding with one another that brings forth the most beautiful film ever produced. With each second being as unique as the discovery of DNA, time stopped and the world had shrunk to the size of a frozen lake.Image


30 dolphins saved by tourists!

What a strange happening! 30 dolphins caught on camera swimming directly towards the Brazilian shoreline. Within moments flippers are flapping on dry land, leaving the sea creatures squeaking for their breath.

The visitors on the beach act quickly, pull the dolphins back into the water and drive them away. The confusion hits us all as to why these smart marine mammals would do such a suicidal act. An expert gave some vague answers like ‘offshore dolphins have trouble navigating in shallow water’, but isn’t it so that any sea creature would realize the sandbank is closing in on them? Just like creatures living on land would realize that they in fact are standing in water?

The expert mentioned that acting quickly in such a disastrous situation was good, however in the attempt on saving these dolphins the tourists could have broken the bones of their tails and flippers. Nonetheless I am relieved that these peaceful mammals swam back safely into the sea and I must thank their rescuers for that, I hope you still got a nice tan on that beach!

Check it out and see what you think might have happened: