The power of strength

The power of strength

Here it is, a blend of images in Photoshop . This is a test of what basic knowledge and judgement can bring! Do you have any interesting Photoshop tips or links that can help me expand my Photoshop skills?


The world is big

The world is always bigger than it seems,
Even when all is conquered, not all world’s in the same world are seen.
Blindly we follow the path that is yet to unfold,
Afraid of what is ahead, still we don’t want it to be told.

So we continue to ignore the signs,
Things that can benefit us we leave behind.
Lets dare to live our dreams,
Just like any other day, they are not what it seems.

The world is big

Photoshop Experiment

There I go using Photoshop. Figuring out ways to use the program ended up being one big epic fail, but the result of this profound experiment (I think) is worth showing! That is to say that putting your mind to something and still completely failing, does not mean the outcome it is necessarily all that bad.

Side note: Absolutely everything that is seen image is taken from random pictures shot over the last year.