Traveling the world!!

Traveling through my past
Sees travelling at last

It was gone for a while
I thought in denial

But I had no reason
For it were just lost for a season

Memories are treasures better to be shared
Though it always seemed dull and nobody cared

Following my own footsteps
Led me to a new adventure, perhaps

A lady friend with similar interests
Lends me her hand and shows me her best

Four countries in a year I paint red
I’ve been to many more, but not with her yet

So here goes our adventure
This is what we venture

All in good time
Once the entire world is red
And it is yours and mine
Maybe, only maybe.. then our home will be our bed.

(Help me plan my trip! What is a must see or do in this world? or better yet in your country?

Travelling the world!!


The sunny direction

Alive to follow a waiting list
Thoughts shuffled in motion
Into a cocktail of emotion
Change acts like poisoned kiss

Reality is what you make of it
Problems are self-inflicted
Only freedom wishes to be evicted
But he cannot be missed

So take a leap of faith
Drop all chains and values
Reverse needs back to wants
And run for the gate

I need nothing
Only a companion for loving
No time, no money, just something
I’ve been gone too long, that’s one thing.


Northern Lights – Into the Deepest Debts of Romance

Finland, the journey has begun. 60 kilometres from somewhat urban civilization lays a small group of cottages alongside a frozen lake and surrounded by forest. The reflection of the moon onto the snow creates just enough light to find the way through the wilderness. Complete solitude, as if life on earth has become non-existent and even Facebook updates and status’ have become irrelevant.

The cabin itself tastes of wood and the feel of affection heightens the coziness. The fireplace is up and running, and fills the room with warm-hearted aromas. No more than two hours later the thought of checking outside for the famous northern lights has passed, but luckily the owner of the cabin was kind enough to make his way over to pass on the good news. “Northern Lights in the sky!” He is dressed in nothing more than a jumper and jeans, but for some reason three layers of socks, pants and jackets can only keep us warm.

The rush to get outside felt as if somebody had just yelled, “fire!”, yet running across the frozen lake whilst a display of green lights are rushing over and beside you is even more thrilling. This is nature’s masterpiece. It is as if a curtain of lights is being woven in the sky by a mysterious and invisible force. Of all the things that earth has to offer, it is energetic charged particles colliding with one another that brings forth the most beautiful film ever produced. With each second being as unique as the discovery of DNA, time stopped and the world had shrunk to the size of a frozen lake.Image


30 dolphins saved by tourists!

What a strange happening! 30 dolphins caught on camera swimming directly towards the Brazilian shoreline. Within moments flippers are flapping on dry land, leaving the sea creatures squeaking for their breath.

The visitors on the beach act quickly, pull the dolphins back into the water and drive them away. The confusion hits us all as to why these smart marine mammals would do such a suicidal act. An expert gave some vague answers like ‘offshore dolphins have trouble navigating in shallow water’, but isn’t it so that any sea creature would realize the sandbank is closing in on them? Just like creatures living on land would realize that they in fact are standing in water?

The expert mentioned that acting quickly in such a disastrous situation was good, however in the attempt on saving these dolphins the tourists could have broken the bones of their tails and flippers. Nonetheless I am relieved that these peaceful mammals swam back safely into the sea and I must thank their rescuers for that, I hope you still got a nice tan on that beach!

Check it out and see what you think might have happened:

A fine explorer…Yes, every one can do it!!

This video is an inspiration to many. It is often the fear or the laziness that stop things from happening. Time and money becomes a lousy excuse, and what started as an excuse ends as a way of life.

There is only one way to break these pro-created patterns and to release yourself from your inner chains, and that is by doing. Just…doing… No man or woman does something you cannot. It is only the fear from the abnormal that makes you think otherwise.

Have you tried to do something when part of you said no? You should try it, because it might make you enjoy some things you would have never seen otherwise.

Check out the guy in the video, I am sure he had no idea where he was going. He just had an idea of what he was doing, and that was to show you his travel into the unknown. I must say other than the unique characters he met, he has also seen some crazy stuff!!

Check it out!!